We provide email to subscribers upon request. You may access your email using the following url:

Internet Filtering

We provide an optional Internet filter for all subscribers, which will block malicious websites and adult content. This is a DNS based filter. To use this filter, configure your router to use the following DNS/Name Server:
Broadband Internet

We provide Broadband Internet service to eligible subscribers with an emphasis on customer service and accessibility.

  • Unlimited Data
    No overage charges.

  • No Contractual Obligation
    Freedom to cancel or change services at any time without penalty.

  • Low Latency/Faster Speed
    An in-network average of 5ms ensures true broadband connectivity

  • Service Oriented
    NCATS is a self-sustaining network funded by its subscribed members. Our staff are members of the same community we serve. Our focused mission to serve the districts of Fremont, Grant, Hesperia, Newaygo, White Cloud, and those surrounding areas.

  • Community Focused
    NCATS is a resource to our community as a whole. With cooperation from private owners, local business, and local government, NCATS delivers services with a focus on both education and job development.