Newaygo County Advanced Technology Services
An Educational Telecommunications Network of the NC RESA    •    4747 W. 48th St. Fremont MI 49412    •    231.924.8872    •
Broadband Internet

Click image for full size. (Coverage area calculated. Additional coverage outside of shaded areas are possible by use of residential tower.)
To verify if you are able to receive wireless Internet, please contact us at or (231) 924-8872 and provide your name, address, and telephone number. After receiving your request, we will schedule a site survey crew to stop at your residence or business to perform a free test.

Advantages of NCATS Broadband Wireless Internet

  • No Contractual Obligation: Subscribers are free to cancel or change service providers at any time without penalty.

  • No Data Caps: NCATS broadband comes with unlimited data for streaming

  • Low Latency/Faster Speed: With an in-network average of 5ms, NCATS provides true broadband connectivity

  • No hidden Fees: If you choose our $40 plan, your bill will be $40. No overage charges.

  • Support Staff: Expert personnel are ready to respond to issues in a timely manner. Our office is open to walk-ins.

  • Locally Owned: NCATS is a publically owned self-sustained network paid through its subscribed members.

  • Community Focused: In partnership with private property owners, local businesses, and local government, NCATS has successfully delivered services with a focus on education and job development in Newaygo County.

Service Plans

    Clear Connect Network
    Speed ••• Range ••••
    Built for performance and coverage, our Clear Connect Network utilizes diverse technologies and mid-band frequencies to serve both urban and rural environments with near-line-of-sight.
    Plan Download Speed Service *Discount Monthly
    Basic 5 Mbps $45 -$5 $40
    Pro 10 Mbps $60 -$5 $55
    Advanced 25 Mbps $75 -$5 $70
    PRISM Network
    Speed •••• Range •••
    Built for performance and capacity, our PRISM Network utilizes our core hybrid fiber network with 5th generation wireless technology to serve high density developments with line-of-sight.
    Plan Download Speed Service *Discount Monthly
    Lite 5 Mbps $30 -$5 $25
    Basic 10 Mbps $45 -$5 $40
    Pro 25 Mbps $60 -$5 $55
    Advanced 50 Mbps $75 -$5 $70
    Extended Network
    Speed •••• Range ••••
    Built for coverage, our Extended Network utilizes proprietary low-band technology to overcome obsticles and serve forested environments with non-line-of-sight.
    Plan Download Speed Service *Discount Monthly
    2x 2 Mbps $55 -$5 $50
    5x 5 Mbps $65 -$5 $60
    10x 10 Mbps $75 -$5 $70
    Standard Installation
    Standard Installation Fee: $100
    *Discount Pricing
    Save $5 per month with ACH(checking or saving account) autopay.

    Save $60 with 1 year pre-paid service via cash/check.

    Snow Bird plans available to seasonal subscribers.

    Plan Download Speed Service *Discount Monthly Rate
    Snow Bird 0Mbps $10 -$5 $5

    Commercial rates available upon request for networks with more than 10 stations

    Standard installation includes antenna, cabling, radio, and setup of one computer or router.

    The antenna, radio, and cabling remains the property of NCATS. All installed equipment must be returned to NCATS upon termination of services.

    PRISM Network Service limited to PRISM network infrastructure and line-of-sight.

    Extended Network Service is not intended for applications requiring sustained uploads.

    Conection sharing beyond the individual or organization purchasing service is strictly prohibited.

    Users with multiple computers will require a standard router or firewall.

    ACH discount applied to ACH auto pay transactions only.

    Annual service fee is non-refundable. Cash or check only